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NORC's research-driven forecasting service delivers powerful insights across all major sectors.


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ForeGround, powered by NORC at the University of Chicago, is a subscription-based service that provides forecasts and analysis on commercial real estate investment trends in dozens of U.S. metropolitan areas most significant to investors. Built by researchers for researchers, ForeGround raises the bar for uncovering market insights you can rely on.

A Foreground Subscription will help you:

Identify new investment opportunities

Anticipate changes in the commercial real estate market

Understand how your property fits within the local market.

Better maximize your investment and minimize risk.

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ForeGround Features

  • Forecast demand and pricing across every sector in the most popular metropolitan areas for investment.

  • Customize charts and graphs based on your research questions.

  • Access expert analysis, blog posts, methodological papers.

  • Connect with peers through one-of-a-kind social features.


The ForeGround Advantage

Expert, Personal Advice

We're proven experts with decades of experience delivering accurate insights to the largest U.S. investment managers.


Built for Researchers

ForeGround is the premier commercial real estate forecasting service geared toward making the researcher's job easier.


Grounded in Science

Our forecasts are grounded in science. We translate economic data trends into actionable advice to improve your investment returns.


Transparent Independent Voice

We build on NORC’s proven 75 year commitment to transparency and independence.